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January 20, 2009



I am so relieved that the idiot's last few weeks in office weren't used to "get 'er done", as in bomb Iran, poke Russia with the biggest stick possible, etc. Though I suppose they were all masturbating furiously each night while watching the destruction in Gaza.

Don't let the door hit you in the ass Shrub, just go the fuck away!


Is the rumor true that the crowd sang "Hey Hey Hey Good-bye" to W as he was departing? I watched the inaugural front to back and never heard it.


The rumor is true, and the singing was right and fitting. The man had nothing but contempt for The People, The People owed him nothing in return.

The People did him the courtesy of flying him out of Washington on Marine One.

In a just world, he would have left Washington in handcuffs.


Dies ist ein großer Ort. Ich möchte hier noch einmal.


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