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November 16, 2008



Even today she's still dragging out that "asociated with an unrepentant terrorist" crap when talking with Wolfie. She has no shame, coupled with an innate ability to keep reporters bambozzled with this garbage, and that goes a long was towards deflecting The Question. Hell, Wolfie is so excited to have her on and still saying this crap that he can't even THINK of The Question.


With all of those interviews going on, I heard Sarah was avoiding Alaska all together.

True rumor: She's deevorcing hubby, moving to Hollywood, and joining Britney Spears in her comeback. Secret sources tell me they met, really hit it off, and she's taking dance lessons as we speak.
The new wardrobe gave her an appreciation for clothing, and she wants to get away from those red jackets. (Maybe trade them in for cute little red dance numbers.) What I heard from my sources is that Britney, with her remarkably good taste, is helping her choose her new consignment store outfits (at the Alaskan govt's expense, while she still can).
All the media limelight, especially her SNL debute, has given her the opportunity to do what she's always truly desired - be on stage.

Oh, and don't tell anyone. It's a secret!!!

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