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November 02, 2008



They grow ever more Stalinist with each passing day.

I used to find it cynically entertaining that the party that collectively shits it's pants over "commies" (and wants you to do the same) is the one that comes up with totalitarian ideas like DHS taking your laptop if they feel like it, spying on the emails and phone calls from deployed service members, and generally acting like the world's worst bully is the newest, best-est thing for preserving True Murikan Values.

I used to find it amusing, but I moved way past that feeling a long time ago; I've moved on to thinking we'd better stop these bastards while we still have a country worth living in.

capt. Billy

Said the radio call in pranksters that fooled Palin for an entire 6 min conversation this week into thinking she was talking with French president Sarkozy (and with one of the more "anglofied" sounding accents I've heard in awhile by the way ...sounded like that damn Pizza Hut commercial "wooould yooou lak tooo tri choucolat duunkair?")

"When we started to work on the idea last Tuesday, we thought it would be mission impossible. But after about a dozen calls, we started to realize it might work, because her staff didn't know the name of the French President. They asked us to spell it,"

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