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October 07, 2008



There was an informal poll on asking if viewers had ever changed their mind about a candidate after watching them debate. Last I checked, 85% answered "no."

That said, I still watch the debates because they generate spin/sound bites, talking points, ad content, and discussion in general for days to come. Sometimes a question will even point out where the candidates actually differ. The best question of that sort from last night's debate, IMO, was the one about whether health care is a right. Obama recognizes this as a right, while McCain equivocates and pretends that some health plans cover cosmetic procedures like hair plugs.


Debates are only held so CNN can do their "emo-meters" crap and we can get our touchy feely freak on with the camdidates. You know, the old "who would you rather have a beer with" garbage.

Oh, and to watch if either of them says anything stupid so that the punditosphere will have something to talk about for the next week. Barring that, they'll make something up.


All of what you're saying is true. Gore and Kerry whipped Bush in their debates. Nobody cared. And the format is retarded--"Intractable 60 year old conflict between Israel and Palestinians: how do we solve it? You have 60 seconds!"

It's fucking stupid.

I can't even watch them any more. I don't know how anyone else does.

If we want to have debates, let's have debates! Opening statements from candidates, argument, and closing statements. With moderators refereeing.

This crap is just: see who can't say something stupid!

And, in that format, the Republicans always get spotted 14 points for being stupid to start with.


Last night on that third debate McCain looked like a vindictive bulldog though. It was good. He wouldn't let go of the "Obama is a terrorist" shit and talk about real issues. Oh, and we DID get to see his sensitive side when he announced that his feelings were hurt by the Obama campaign. My heart just melted. (wimp)

I agree about the 60 second shit, but you do get to see personalities come out, and McCain showed that he was a loser.

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