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October 08, 2008



I believe the lesson about indiscriminant bombing making the civilian population turn on you was supposedly explicitly learned by the US from our Vietnam experiences. Apparently not. Sarah Stupidcudda and McInsane are that particular variety of wingnut that wants to re-fight Vietnam, only this time it will star Stallone and THIS time dammit, we're going to win!


Of course, John McCain knows it! Sarah Palin may not know it, because she's so stupid she thinks Viet Nam is in Nova Scotia--but, of course, McCain knows it.

He was in the Navy, not the Air Force, which still believes all conflicts can be resolved entirely from twenty thousand feet.

But he doesn't care! The modern Gee Oh Pee doesn't care! It has become a party whose public pronouncements are made solely for the purpose of confusing people as to its intended policies.

That's it.

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