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October 06, 2008



Let's see, I'm sure this unnamed advisor has at least 2 hard-won economic degrees from top schools and we can assume he had/has an at least moderate understanding of the situation he wanted to bring to Shrub's attention. Perhaps even more than a moderate understanding; maybe he's one of the best guys to discuss this situation with. But no, he disagreed with Shrub so therefore he's a big poopyhead and Shrub can dismiss him as just another advisor he'll never listen to again since the fellow had the temerity to question a Bush judgement.

Oh well, the guy's lucky Bush wasn't successful enough to get to his ultimate goal: Stalinism. Hey, at least he got to leave that meeting alive...


It's the Divine Right of Kings. It is the very definition of the Divine Right of Kings.

Chimpy always said he supported traditional family values. He just never told you that the family was the Stuarts.


It's the same with torturing prisoners. Bush can look directly into the camera and say the US hasn't/doesn't torture prisoners - at least not by HIS definition of torture.

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