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October 20, 2008



Your last question is an easy one, if you keep in mind the location of her speech about socialism ... Roswell! She's an alien! They found her in Area 51!


I have to wonder why the federal gubmint sends back to Alaska more federal tax dollars than they actually receive; much, much more. And yet, this state is so rich from the taxes they collect that they send a fat chunk back to each Alaskan citizen each year.

Ya know, it seems like they could afford to not be linked to the US at all, and maybe they'll be more interested in that idea once their sugar daddy Stevens ends up in jail.


Hey, Ricky! Just checking in to see if your head has exploded yet.

I've been enjoying watching the amazing circus being put on by the GOP this year. Best show ever! Stupendous shoppin' sprees! Massive make-up and hair-do tabs! Massive defections! Grandma haters! Unreal 'mericans! 911-dialing rage-o-holics. Psycho fake-mugged race-baiting nut-jobs!

'course I loved Palin in her new donkey scarf. Maybe she just loves donkeys?

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