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October 30, 2008



Um, I read the Economist; my lefty Canuckian friends introduced me to it. It's not like I have a subscription or anything, I just buy it in the airport when I travel. God, I must be dull to be around.


I can tell you one thing though, there is no way in HELL Bible Spice has ever cracked the cover of one - too many big words.


Well, don't kill us all with suspense, Kit.

What did you think about the Sahelian nomadism article? Good stuff, huh? And spot on.


I won't be in an airport again until next week, so I'll have to get back to you on that one.

However, I do have a friend who has worked with nomads on the high steppes of Mongolia; does this count?


Did their holy men in super stupid high hats ask your friend what magazines and newspapers he or she read?


Nah; no holy men, just lots of poor people with smallish horses who would give you their last bit of food/tea in order to be hospitable. City life was a whole different story though, as usual.

There are coal mines there that were run entirely by the Russians before the USSR went belly up, and in a typical racist occupying force manner they never allowed any of the native population to be anything other than grunt labor. USSR falls, all the technocrats leave town, and there is no one left who knows how to run the mines (plus no power to do so). Now there are natives who risk life and limb to enter these dangerous old mines and extract enough coal to keep from freezing to death. Plenty of them die in the process but the media isn't interested in telling that story either - not enough zazz so it doesn't compete well with Brittany's latest hairstyle.

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