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October 23, 2008



Fucking libertarians; self-interested bastards who refuse to acknowledge that the WHOLE of civilization, from those taxpayer-sponsored roads, police, school systems, etc, actually DID play a part in their success; they did not spring forth from the forehead of Zeus as fully formed supermen/women who have no need of the social contract and what it provides. I recall knowing some newbie libertarians here in Colorado in the 1970's (they seemed to have been extra powerful here); greedy bastards to a man, and also doing their best to spread the word amongst the more gullible with the teaser of "we want pot legalized too, so join up!". Nice slight of hand there boys.

As to Greenspan's idea that:
""It is important to remember, however, that whatever regulatory changes are made, they will pale in comparison to the change already evident in today’s markets,” he said. Those markets for an indefinite future will be far more restrained than would any currently contemplated new regulatory regime."
Yeah, right; I call bullshit on that one. As soon as the high rollers think no one is watching, they'll be right back at it. Guaranteed.


dear ricky, you are my favorite blog ever.

well, you and thepoorman.

alexis from....THE INTERNET!



Sorry about the comments thing. Sometimes I forget to turn them on.

Also, the Poorman was a much, much better blog back when he used to have me on his blog roll.

Now he's okay.


Oh, wait. I'm back on the blog roll. So I'd have to agree the Poorman is an amazing blog. Amazing.

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