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September 11, 2008



Welcome back. Damn, I missed you!


So very glad to see you back! I was getting weary of Peanut's mournful howls.


The whole McCain campaign is so farcical as to be almost funny, in a tragic I'm-scared-shitless kind of a way. Welcome back!!


First of all, Peanut will be mine. I don't know how glad you'll be, Tonya, when I dognap the cutest sausage to ever walk on four legs.

Second of all, Elkit! Margaret! If Cookie and Ellen show up, it'll not only be like a Bottle of Blog reunion--it'll be a full blown girl frenzy in my comment section!

Which, as you know, I live for.


Glad you're not dead.


And Karen! How could I possibly forget Karen, who absolutely refuses to rate a movie on Netflix?


Really glad you're still there. Please write more. Those of us outside the USA need the voices that remind us that there is an intelligent, humane America, and that it finds the American government as terrifying and astonishing as we do.


Did someone say "full blown girl frenzy"?

So glad to see you back at it, Ricky!


Thanks, Janis! How could I leave you out?

How are those itty, bitty donkeys?


The teeny tiny donks are enjoying cooler weather and are starting to sprout shaggy bangs (with shaggy coat to follow) in anticipation of winter. Man, I am so overdue for an update, but then again, we're not having a fan club reunion over at my place.


I say this to you now: If Obama/Biden can pull this thing off, I will go back through my Netflix history and provide ratings for all the movies I've seen. And don't be thinking I'll try to back out of it somehow.


I'd dropped my mournful clicking of your link down to semi-weekly; looks like my patience has been rewarded!


Sorry I'm late to the Bottle of Blog full-blown girl frenzy! Ricky, I'd grown despondent, looking at the March 17th post all these months. Every time Henry Waxman is mentioned in the news, I mentally add the phrase "Greatest American Congressman" with red, white and blue letters. Kindly do not stay away so long this time.


The Bean Counters are here!

Now we Girl Frenzy efficiently!

And to the taxpayer, that means more frenzy per girl. And that's just good sense. Though, really, a good girl frenzy will leave you pretty much senseless.

Fuck the taxpayers! Let's frenzy!


OMG, Ricky's back!!!!!!!

Ya know, I was thinking this morning that Katie Couric was way to nice saying about Palin that she's "not always responsive when asked questions, and sometimes does slip back to her talking points."

It would be nice to have someone say it like is without sugar coating it. I mean why the heck does the traditional media feel like they have to be all pussy-footed about it. They need to tell us just how worthless and ignorant and non-vice-presidential she really is and how she's better suited for porn that politics, right?

Then I got all nostalgic for BoB and came over there to see if you were back.... and YAY!!!!!!!

I missed you so, so, so, so much. I tried some of those other blogs, but they just gave me gas.

Nothing compares to you Ricky.


1.NOBODY does it better than you Ricky.
2. Sorry you had to come pick me up but I've been busy having a granddaughter. Add Isla to the frenzy!
3. Screw work, I'm spending the rest of Friday celebrating your return!


Donna and Cookie! One more, and my frenzy is complete! Where's Ellen?

If Ellen shows up NASA scientists are going to start picking up Girl Frenzy seismic readings from space.


The girl frenzy is complete!!! There are rumblings from "outa space" (Just quoting Palin.)


The girl frenzy is complete!!! There are rumblins from "outa space" (Just quoting Palin.)


(Just had to get the accent right)


It's a Girl Frenzy and an Ellen Frenzy!

This has never happened before in the history of the internets.

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