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March 03, 2008


Kit E

Gee, it's almost as good as winning the lottery...


Juan Cole, July 2005: The Iraq war is over, and the winner is...Iran. If only the Bush Administration would consult Juan instead of their Magic 8 Ball on foreign policy decisions.

Personally, I'm hoping we win a pony. I've always wanted a pony.


Slag, for $3 trillion, I want a magic pony, not just a plain one. Maybe we should ask for one with armored panels...


We helped Iraq during the Iran Iraq War and 20 years later gave Iran the victory. Ironic, what?


Christ, not only would the incompetent Bush administration not consult someone who knows anything about the mid-east, like Juan Cole, they went out of their way to make sure the guy didn't get tenure so he couldn't pollute anyone else's mind with reality based...reality...


work service science science figure annual instead

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