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January 22, 2008



Yeah, I wish they'd shut the hell up and quit giving the GOP fuel for the next leg of the race but Still, the leading candidates are a woman, a black man, and a white guy. You think we should vote for the white guy? We could have the first female President and the Clinton team has already proved what they can do with a disasterous economy! I'm not counting Edwards out just because he's a white guy (some of my closest friends you know) but his message seems to be that we can go back to the good old days of the whole family working at the cotton mill and I don't believe that.


If Clinton is the candidate, I'll vote for her. But I have three problems with her:

One, after all her hemming and hawing about her vote on the Iraq Resolution, she turned around, after everything we've been through, and cast the same fucking vote on Iran. Her foreign policy team in filled with every single bonehead "liberal hawk" who enthusiastically supported the colossal blunder of Iraq.

Two, Hillary is a little too corporate friendly. Bill was the same way. That's how they raise the Big Bucks. And while corporate influence in Washington has always been a problem, the privatization of our government and the power of lobbyists has gotten out of control. Under the Republicans it reached its logical conclusion--lobbyists just writing legislation they wanted and handing it to Congressmen and one out of three of our tax dollars going to private contractors. Somebody's got to do something about it. Congress won't, and I doubt the Clintons are much inclined.

And three, I just don't think it's healthy for a democracy to be run for nearly thirty years by two families.

Obama's pointless pandering to conservatives and his infuriating talk about the Social Security "crisis" really makes me question his judgment.

So, yes, I'm left with the white guy.


Very well-written post.

I do find it fascinating that we're only going to rise above the politics of division when we're fighting against republicans. When we're against democrats, we go all the way.

Now that Edwards has essentially lost (so we're told), we're royally screwed. This race looked a lot better with three+.


I saw a Clinton commercial last night. She says the corporations have had 7 years of representation in Washington and she's ready to represent us. I think she read your blog. Of course you're right Ricky, (you could never be wrong in my eyes) but I think you're being idealistic at a time when we can't afford to be too nit-picky. Let's elect someone that can get of out of all the shit we're in and then we can elect and idealist.


I thought the Dems were supposed to be the liberal party. WTF? Where's the impeachment of Bush and Cheney and cohorts? Where's the removal of troops from Iraq now that we've owned congress for how long now?
If Edwards can just hang out a little longer, with his plans for the economy and health care, the other two will self destruct.


I know I'm being idealistic, but I'm wondering if this isn't the time when Democrats can afford it.

I mean, look at the debates. What's everyone saying--including the Republicans? Change, change, change.

And look at the polls. The majority of Americans want us out of Iraq, they want Congress to not only stand up to the Bush thugs, but they want Congress to investigate them. Congress' dismally low approval ratings are mostly based upon Congress' failure to be more aggressive in rolling back George W. Bush's America.

And at a time like this, what do Democrats offer America?

More of the same, just better managed.

Like warrantless wiretapes--we just have to tweak them. The Iraq War? Good in principle, poor in execution. The wholesale looting of the treasury by "private contractors"? We just need a little more(or at least some) oversight.

It's bullshit.

I look at the Democratic party and I honestly think that for a lot of them their greatest unhappiness with the Bush years was that, as the minority party, they weren't getting all corporate money, the junkets, the promises of lobbying jobs after retirement from Congress, and the rest of the fringe benefits that the guys across the aisle were getting.

This doesn't apply to America's Greatest Congressman, Henry Waxman.

But for the rest of them? Reid? Pelosi? They seem okay with the policies. They just seem like they were unhappy they didn't have any committee chairs.

I agree, the most important thing is to run the thugs and psychopaths, and grifters who currently run our government out of office.

But I also think, if there were ever a time for Democrats to be idealistic, that time is now.

Everyone wants it.

But no one is going to get it.

What we're going to get is Bush Lite. Corporate friendly trade and tax policy, for corporations which, in the end, will be downright hostile to American workers. A "muscular" foreign policy, which will mainly be stupid and result in weak ass "compromises" that allow American troops to remain in Iraq for about the next fifty years. Lobbyists having more power than Senators in Washington. And other assorted fiascos.

But it'll all be better managed.

For four or eight years, until another Republican winds up in the White House and immediately yanks the caulk out of every little hole Democrats just spent a decade patching up.

Personally, I'm getting a little tired of seeing that re-run over and over again.

And this is one of the rare times in a Republic where most of the people feel just like me.

It's a historic moment. And Democrats ought to swing The Big Hammer.

But instead?

The pigs just want to walk upright and play cards with the men.

Kit E

Nobody says it better than you Ricky; why the hell can't this POV get a hearing? I'm seeing people who I have known to be politically indifferent for YEARS and they are talking like Ricky does here (although a lot less informed since obviously they just recently started paying attention).

The worst thing that ever happened to democracy in recent years is the corporate consolidation of media; this is indeed how we've ended up in such a sad place.

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