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October 17, 2007


Kit E

YES!!! I've never been as disappointed in politicians (and the democrats I always vote for) as I am now. Show some cojones people, that's WHY we voted for you!


"Bafoon" is a great characterization; part baboon, part buffoon.
Don't get me started on Nancy and the Demotards, afraid of looking like they're soft on terrorism if they raise any little objection to Dubya's plans. He might loose the howling monkey hordes, who've slaked their anger on the 12 year old kid and are still hungry for anyone who's out of step with blind patriotism.
Can we just toss in this congress and get a fresh one? Oh, and the Chimperator, too.


Oh, Bruce, I wish I were that clever. I'm just a lousy speller.

What I totally don't get about these Democrats is: what are they afraid of???

And they are afraid. They keep cautioning their constituents. They keep talking about how they have to proceed with caution.

For what???

The dickhead in the White House has a 24% approval rating.

Are Democrats afraid of offending those 24%???

Who fucking cares? They're retarded. They're dead enders. Those 24% are going to love Bush and hate Democrats even if Bush partially aborted Ronald Reagan's snowflake child on live TV.

Are Democrats afraid of losing their phoney baloney jobs for being hostile to the president? Are they crazy? Didn't they notice that Republicans called Bill Clinton a murderer, a rapist, a scumbag, a liar, and a traitor from 1994 to 2001 and they actually gained seats? Republicans held the House for twelve years being total assholes.

You know how they did it? They represented the assholes who put them there.

For some reason, Democrats think it would be a good idea to ignore and belittle the people who put them in office and pander to people who hate them.

But, ultimately, I think our Democratic leadership, with a few exceptions, are cowards. I think they are afraid to accept or defend the consequences of an American withdrawal from Iraq.

An American withdrawal from Iraq is not going to be pretty. It's going to have consequences. But it's going to happen one way or another. And no one knows that those consequences are going to be worse than the catastrophy of remaining in Iraq.

And even if they are, then we deal with them.

But Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are afraid to take responsibility. And it's cowardly.

Granted, Iraq shouldn't be their responsibility. This fiasco should belong to Bush and the Gee Oh Pee. But neither Bush nor anyone in the Gee Oh Pee is going to do the right and the hard thing and take responsibility.

Someone has to be brave and make the small sacrifice of risking their career and their place in history to stop this mindlessly stupid waste of money and lives.

Christ Almighty, someone has to be brave enough to accept the blame for one disaster to end a bigger disaster.

Kit E

The Gee Oh Pee and Bush taking responsibility? That is to laugh; these guys NEVER take responsibility, they just point fingers and then use whatever happens to slag those who did take responsibility for cleaning up the damned mess that was made. It's part of the party platform and the standard, post-lee Atwater DNA of the rethugs; it is all they know and they know it sells with the lizard brains. They will keep flogging that rotted equine and ginning up their righteous outrage because their followers are nothing if not righteously full of outrage, thinking that it is What Jesus Would Do. Of course it has nothing to do with reality, but once they hit upon that "we make our own reality" crap and actually started believing it, reality just flew out the window to find a better place to roost.

In the end this reality-avoidance by these morons has set us on a path to 2nd world status and economic irrelevance, which of course they will blame on the democrats, who of course will have some unorganized non-response and end up with the blame by default.

God I hate being so cynical.

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