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August 09, 2007


Kit E

Agreed, on all points. And well stated, Ricky, as usual.

When you look at the stuff in the first part of your post, I am left with this vision of the Bushites coming into office acting like that drunk at the bar who is determined to get into a fight with SOMEONE dammit, you want a piece of this? He had such a huge hard-on from winning that someone had to get their ass kicked, and he had all these advisors who were pushing their pet suggestions for who the lucky winner would be. Government by ugly frat house sadists; gee, that's gone so well hasn't it.


"This is why bloggers stop blogging. The stupidity is unstoppable."

It also brings them back, I think. In spite of the hopelessness bloggers still fight for hope. And they make a difference.

The stupidity continues with Bush's supporters. I have a friend that blames all of Bush's problems on Clinton. I thought you had to be a crackhead (or a drunk?)to be that far removed from reality.

BTW, I still read your Jan. 02, 2006 post when I need a laugh. A classic.


Bush has come full circle on China. He's back to the Clinton plan on North Korea. And what's left of his foreign policy team has come to realize the importance of allies and international organizations.

Basically, it's taken these assholes seven years and three trillion dollars to figure out what everyone told them the first day on the job.


I understand that Bush may have participated in taking drugs in his youth, maybe a bit beyond "experimentation". He's like someone who doesn't understand the difference between pissing in your wine glass and shaking your hand. And it makes no difference to him so you really won't know what he will stick out the next time you see him.

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