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July 12, 2007



When that motherfucker ran and hid on 9/11, I lost every bit of respect I tried so hard to have for him. And he had the fucking nerve to strut around and say "bring em on". Fucking piece of shit cowardly bastard.


I just read this and got my pitchfork and torch and headed out the door but there seemed to be a lot of cops around and I didn't see anybody else with pitchforks or weapons so I kinda snuck back inside cause there's some good tv on later on tonight.
Maybe tomorrow, if the weather's good.

Peacechick Mary

Pride, priciple or a dime, I don't care what - just get this bastard and his thugs out of here! Pleeeeeeaasseee.

Kit E



Merlallen, it is going to take all of us, with our torches and pitchforks, in spite of the police. I am a coward, though. I need others to say they will meet me in the street. I think most of us want to march, but are waiting for others to bolster them. How do we get all of us out there together? Is it going to take a nuke to Tehran? Then it will be too late.


I'd have to say that we don't have the most perfect form of government ever conceived, because in a parliamentary system, the chief executive is held more accountable and can be gotten rid of quickly if he turns out to be as big a disaster as Bush is.


True. But out of all the ones out there, it's the most perfect. Like the English, they have a parliamentary system, and they have horrendous shit like the Official Secrets Act and Law Lords, and all kinds of other quasi-feudal junk, the only purpose of which is to draw the line at just how far the rabble can push their luck with their aristocratic overlords.

You know, freedom and representative government, and egalitarianism is all fine and good--to a point.

But your point's well taken.

In our system, it's very nearly become impossible to get rid of a Republican. So that's a problem.

Though, Democrats with lousy marriages had better hope the Dow is booming, otherwise...


I would love to go 200 years in the future and see how all of this is actually viewed. By then so many cover-ups and secrets should be revealed it will be quite interesting.

I've got my pitchfork and it's barbed.


200 years in the future it's going to look exactly the same way it looks now--like the worst government in the history of our great country.

A stupid, pointless, brutal, corrupt, expensive decade wasted by an inept, under-educated, bumbling bafoon of an idiot man-child.

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