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May 08, 2007



So...Bush rebuilt Afghanistan. Yer bitch is? Oh, yeah, maybe the OLD Afghanistan is what we were at war with...or...duh duh duh

The Junky's Wife

Thank you for posting this. It's comprehensive. There are so many big, scary stories involving heroin and opiate production in the news right now, and this is the first time I've seen someone put it all together so well. I'm going to link to you.

Kit E

I'd hate to be Karzai. He is pulled in every direction, knowing full well the US history of making the local puppet dance and then leaving him on the rooftop of the local US outlet while the last helicopter out flies away and the guys with torture on their minds are breaking down the door below. He's pretty clear on where he stands and how quickly he can be tossed to the wolves. He has to make nice with the Taliban in hopes that when that last helicopter day comes, they will at least kill him quickly rather than over the course of a few excrutiating days.


That's all true.

But Karzai's not refusing to spray the poppies because of the Taliban. The heroin money is not going to the Taliban.

It's going to all the warlords who were the heroic resistance to the Taliban while they were in power and our noble allies when we were toppling the Taliban.

Why do you think those warlords opposed the Taliban? The Taliban made growing and selling opium illegal.

That bit in the article about the Taliban getting the profits from opium growth is a precious little bit of silly propaganda.

It's just one more thing that the American People can't be allowed to know--by Karzai, by the CIA, by the Pentagon--about our Glorious Global War On Terror:

The new, free, democratic government of Afghanistan consists almost entirely of a bunch of heroin dealers.

Who probably kill as many Americans a year as al Qaeda did on September 11th.

It's a dirty little war, isn't it?


Except for one thing, Afghan heroin doesn't generally supply the US. Almost all east coast heroin comes from Columbia, while most west coast heroin is 'black tar' from Mexico. Afghan heroin supplies the huge addict population in Iran...Europe, Asia, Australia, etc. Not the US.


Really? You better tell that to the people who keep bringing it in and distributing it in the United States!

New York- An alleged member of an international drug ring linked to the Taliban faced charges in Manhattan federal court Friday for reportedly conspiring to import about $25 million worth of heroin from Afghanistan and Pakistan into the United States and other nations, authorities said…

Essa, accused of working in the ring from 1990 to January 2005, allegedly managed heroin distribution in the U.S. and elsewhere, authorities said.

And world supply is world supply. Tons of cheap heroin on the streets of Europe makes tons of cheap heroin on the streets of the United States. No matter where it comes from.

Kit E

Good points Ricky, both on supply and what the Taliban allow (or not). Heroin from Afghanistan, like any product that is in demand, will find a market, even a "new" market where they previously had little penetration like in the US. Supply and demand, baby; the glories of a truly free market system and all that.

Karzai is in a insane position; he must keep the Taliban at bay, cooperate with his US sponsors who want the same, which means the druglords get to grow as much as they want and the local farmers finally get a little more money to deal with the privations of over 25 years of continuous warfare in their country. Perhaps that is a little better than life under the Taliban, but given what that country has been through "better" is obviously relative and pretty tenuous I'll bet as well. And you can be sure that the people that run the US couldn't give a rat's ass if some more junkies OD on the new high quality supply; they just think of it as collateral damage.

I recall an old boss telling me about a novel he'd read; the plot was that the powers that be decided the best way to stop illegal drug use was to poison as much of it as they could interdict, and then set it lose on the streets again since if you are doing illegal drugs, then dying for that activity keeps the courts and jails from getting too crowded ya know. My boss absolutely LOVED that idea; he thought it was the perfect solution. My pointing out that it was a totally unconstitutional,undemocratic idea that flew entirely in the face of the ideas of innocent until proven guilty and trial by a jury of your peers had no effect on him; in his eyes you forfeited all that by taking illegal drugs. I'll bet he'll never let the incongruity of his beloved authoritarian republicans keeping heroin-producing drug lords in power in Afghanistan penetrate his fascist little mind; it might cause a crack of light to seep in and he certainly couldn't allow THAT to happen, could he?

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