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April 24, 2007



'half right", indeed. Karl needs to go out on the campaign trail where he can do what he does best; start more lies and rumours.
Rick, I herebye nominate you for the position of War Czar. They're still looking for someone, right? I think you could clear everything up in a couple weeks.

Kit E

I think we need an Indictment Czar, someone who can really get the ball rolling on the pages and pages of indictments that should be issued against this gang of criminals. The only problem is that there isn't a federal agency left that hasn't been purged of normal, honest public servants and replaced with Monica Goodling clones.


As long as the money rolls in, none of the arses in, around, outside of, or connected to The Brain-Dead War Monkey gives a fuck.


get off can and take your head out of your butt. you offer no real solutions. all you do is hate. you my friend is the reason our country is in the shape its in. they attacked us. just as in 1941. its attitude that wins against evil and we as a nation have given up. hope you are happy and keep up the good fight.


"They" attacked us? Who's "they"?

Are "they" Sunni muslims in Iraq? They didn't attack us. Are "they" Ba'athists? They didn't attack us. Are "they" Iraqi Shi'ites" They didn't attack us. Are "they" al Qaedi in Iraq? They didn't attack us--they weren't even in Iraq.

So who's this fucking "they" in Iraq that you think attacked us?

You, my friend, I will redirect to the text of the post on which you're commenting:

So stop with the idiotic "they" thing, as well. You're talking about a bunch of different people who've got nothing to do with each other.

And it doesn't take attitude to win anything but beauty contests.

This country is in the shape it's in because a bunch of knuckleheads have run it for seven years with nothing but attitude.

Some brains and some competence is what it takes to do anything. And I'll be deleriously happy when someone who possesses both is back in the White House.


Re-read again and then please tell me again WTF is your point, again?

HINT: SOME OF THE RISE IS TRACEABLE TO THE WAR IN IRAQ. (How about almost 99.9 percent for a more accurate count). You do like your propaganda, don't ya?

But the documents show, and officials confirm, that some of the rise is traceable to the war in Iraq, where foreign terrorists, a homegrown insurgency and sectarian strife have contributed to political bloodshed.

More than half the deaths from terrorism worldwide last year occurred in Iraq, said a counterterrorism official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. Roughly 85 percent of the U.S. citizens who died from terrorism during the year died in Iraq. The figures, which weren't released, cover noncombatants but not combat deaths of U.S., Iraqi and other coalition soldiers.


So, you're saying, what? Iraq is a good thing?

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