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December 27, 2006



So what you're saaying is ... we should all observe the National Day of Mourning with a three martini lunch?

Can I make it margaritas instead? If yes, I'm in.

Kit E

Ford's only good characteristic is he hated Ronnie Reagan, but he didn't do enough to stop the sell out of the republican party to the neocons, so here we.

As for the 3 martini lunch, hell, that is what that generation considered normal for those with a position of power or responsibility.

I saw a letter in a Canadian newspaper yesterday asking why Canadian flags are at half mast for Ford, with this quote: "Ford was apparently a decent man, or at least as decent as an American president can be". I had to smile; love that subtle Canuck humor...


Can't let a summary of Ford slide by without honourable mention of his place on the Warren Commission.

Yep, the godfather of the modern Republicans - from being schooled in the coup against Kennedy to schooling those who pulled off the coup against Gore.


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