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November 08, 2006


Kit E

Reinstate the Fairness Doctrine FIRST, otherwise all the other good ideas you posted will get their daily beating and twisting from the FAUX news crew, doing their best to misinform Americans since how long now? It seems like forever, or at least 20 national IQ points ago.

Peacechick Mary

OMG! Thank you so much for saying that. I couldn't sleep last night thinking about the same things. I want the Dems to kick some Repubs and anything else Neocon they can and with steele boots.

pissed off patricia

I'll second every damned word you wrote and I'll also sharpen the toes of Mary's steel boots too.

Kit E

Did everyone catch the Chimp's faux concilience act with Pelosi? My, that was convincing.

It must have shriveled all he's got left when daddy's boys insisted on coming in and starting to clean up his mess. Watching this smug putz have to ask daddy for some help is just the best in Schadenfreud, at least for today.


Jesus Christ on a Raft, PeaceChick, this is such a great rant I need time to read and absorb before I can even comment.
F---me running, you really went righteous and for that I thank you very much. All I can say, pre-entire-article reading and pre-other-comments-posted reading is this, if Nancy Pelosi sells her soul to the Devil in the Oval Orifice for a few 100 hour initiatives, well, that will greatly disturb me. These newly elected Dems can all play nicey-nice for a couple of months, but that is it. If they don't hold feet to the fire after that, well, all I can say is that it will greatly disturb me. This Bob Gates Mofo and this circling of the James Baker wagon is for one reason only, and that is to keep the criminals running this country out of jail. I want them in straight jackets and/or jail, and I wish upon them some medical miracles, the kind that will keep them alive for 2000 years or more. They need to live way beyond this "history" they have so neatly created and tossed aside by such comments as, "history, I don't know, by then I will be dead." No you won't you SOBs, 'cause I will pray your asses alive for centuries. Okay, enough of this.

Kit E

Oh come on now, Shrubby said it would just be a comma to history, remember? Just a comma filled with hundreds of thousands of dead people.

Pursey's right, the whole meaning of putting Gates in charge of the Pentagon is to make sure war crimes trials don't happen. I just want to see some investigations of things like where all that money went in Iraq, the contracting, etc, and hey, if it leads to the Oval office then that's the way the neocon Kookies crumble, eh?


I'm applying for my WNMP membership right now!

C Duncan

A good friend's dad once told me, "People use profanity because they can't think of anything intelligent to say."

Your blog would be more enjoyable without it.


Your friend's dad was a fucking idiot, and he wasn't doing you any favors by telling you something that dumb.

It isn't voodoo. The bad words don't have magic powers! Profane words are just words. I think they're great words.

If you don't like them, Aunt Mary, go someplace else where your silly sensibilities won't be so ridiculously offended, and you won't be forced to share idiotic cliches like they're Pearls of Wisdom.

Get lost.


Ricky, I always knew you really had nothing to say. Somehow something intelligent always comes out...

How come you didn't mention Paterno's broken leg?? Caught up in the political moment?


The return of Joe Paterno's Noffense has stunned me into silence.


"Your friend's dad was a fucking idiot"
I love you Ricky.
I love you too Ellen.
It's nice to breath again.

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