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June 21, 2006



Well, naturally. As Huck said of kings, "S'pose he opened his mouth -- what then? If he didn't shut it up powerful quick he'd lose a lie every time."

There is no way, since the decision to ignore his best military advisor (and can their asses, to boot) and send in a handful (Handful: enough for heaps of them to die, not enough to accomplish shit-all) of gas-pumpers, shoe-salesmen and soda-jerks hae they intended give up what they seem to actually believe is a vital and viable "foot-print" in the region.

And we sure aren't spending billions upon billions on our OWN infrastructure there (biggest embassy in the world, at least 12 permanent military bases) because we (and by "we" I mean "the soulless greedhead slime in the administration and every moron they dangled a bright shiny thing in front of and who voted for them and the useless prick Nader (may his soul spend eternity in a blazing Pinto) have the slightest intent to ever bring 'em home.


Oh, yeah! To answer the unasked question I offer this letter-to-the-editor:
from California's conservative Big Valley

I would like to agree that the Iraq War is because of oil, but in a small twist to the popular argument, I would propose that it is all about shutting the supply down.

Many in the current administration would have us believe that this war of aggression was first about WMD, then a continuation of the supposed war on terror, and finally to bring democracy to an oppressed people. Yet if you pay close attention to what they have done and not what they say, you will see that the Neocons' first order of duty in Iraq was to secure the Oil Ministry, lock down the oil fields and dismiss Iraq's army. All of these moves would later prove to foment the insurgency and ultimately result in civil war. WMD sites were not guarded; Zarquawi was left to raise an army and the infrastructure, which could pave the road to democracy, was left in a shambles while select Bush-supporting American contractors robbed an estimated $9 billion U.S. taxpayer dollars.

Now, many would argue that having control over the last great oil reserves serves the U.S. interest. Why would we allow the Russians, Indians or Chinese to control the spigot of these precious last reserves?

One only needs to follow the money for the real answer. At the beginning of this failed administration, Sadam Hussein was threatening the Saudis that he would flood the oil market with Iraqi crude if they didn't get the U.S. off of their backs. This, of course, would have lowered the price per barrel substantially and for Bush, cost his family and Saudi buddies huge sums of money. So, the answer was simple, invade Iraq under false pretenses, shut down the flow of Iraqi oil, foment a civil war which would necessitate our troops permanent presence and watch the price of oil soar.

This war is about oil. But it's also about greed, manipulation and domination. The winners are the friends and family of George W. Bush, the Bin Ladins and the Saudi royal family. The losers are the soldiers, the innocent victims, democracy, you and me. Please, I implore you, vote this lawless administration and Congress out, before we are their next target.

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