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June 11, 2006



And the next Democratic President will get all of the blame.

Kit E

All the blame is what always happens, republicans screw it up, democrats come in, clean up the mess and then get booted out for being the always right but pain in the butt parent. Tehn the cycle repeats, only this time the looting has guaranteed that social security, medicare, etc is gone, gone, gone for anyone currently alive in the US. Of course that was always the plan.

You know what political ads I want to see this election cycle? Ones that print out on the screen (for all the mute button folks) how much each 500 lb bomb costs, and then the equivalent of what that money would buy of such things as schools; you know, useless social investments like that. I'd really like something that links the cost of the war to how much everyone's social security check is going to be reduced (or eliminated), but I suppose that would be just too damned scary. The national networks would refuse to run it anyway since it would be too inflamatory and uncomfortable for the corporate overlords who have taken over every aspect of the country and social discourse.

I agree with Ricky, thay have fucked the country so well that unfucking it is no longer possible, we've already fallen over the tipping point. And it makes me want to scream but instead I am looking at immigrating to someplace less insane. I can't believe it has come down to this, but it has.


After the Dems win and fix this mess by being the "pain in the butt good parent" the Rethugs will pull the Born Again Virgin card and retake the government, hoping everyone will forget what it was like being screwed over and over again.

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