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June 18, 2006



The huge problem is not what this guy says--it's that the IDIOTIC American people will believe him. They won't bother to check how much the professions actually make! They accept blindly whatever suits their vision of reality. Sound like a president we know? By the way, what's the weather like in PA? We leave a week from today, and I haven't packed a THING!

Peacechick Mary

This post is a classic and a keeper. Gotta get out and milk that cow now.


Sir, you have just expressed, with an outstanding visual aid, in damned fine prose the meat and potatoes of the modern republican party. I have never ever trusted a republican, but I pine for the days of true conservative republicans; I believe I was seven when that day was.
Thank you,


hay ricky,
when you don the elephant tie and gobble the viagra, could you be a peach shoot me a quick email? maybe take some pics too?


Maybe I can have Capital One forward all of my shit credit card mail to these poor PA Repugnant House Members. I DO believe they have bad credit.

I also think you misunderstood that poor pin-headed Perzel. You know he must have meant "cow-milkers" in 2106 WILL be making whatever he's making now.

Kit E

Yeah, Ellen is right because by 2016 the dollar will be worth so little that $55,000 a year will be like $12,000 a year is now. Thanks Repubs for destroying the country and the currency!

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