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June 12, 2006


Kit E

"The People are managed". Yep, exactly right. Which is why I am setting myself up to immigrate.

I can't imagine how bad it is going to have to get here before The People do something about what has been done to them, or if they will even have any effective means to do so. Judging by how well the Orwellian surveillance regime is being installed and implemented, I'd say the chances are slim to none.

I never entertained the idea of living out of the US permanently, but how can you avoid the obvious conclusion given the facts Ricky lists? Hell, I never even wanted to join the Peace Corp and now I can't wait to get out. I suspect that what I am feeling now is how some people felt in Berlin in 1936.


for the record, I just want to say that ipsos suck. it's probably made up numbers


For the record, that's a comment by a guy who was searching the internet for the terms "anti corporate ipsos" and left this comment after spending under a minute on the page.

I don't know anything about Ipsos and I don't care much one way or the other. There are about a bazillion other polls which will tell you the same thing about Roe v. Wade and the American public.

I just think it's funny that a guy with his mind made up, who didn't even read the post, feels the need to "set the record straight".

Kit E

RE: the "ipsos guy"; that is how these guys work. I am sure that there is an army of paid repuglican frat boys (more wingnut welfare) who have the job of searching the blogs all day and posting their disinformation. Even if it isn't a coordinated approach, these Cheeto-stained keyboard commandoes are thrilled to feel like part of the "real government" and gladly do it for free. These are the ones who post the least logical and most adolescent responses, the paid guys are much more clever in what they say and how they say it.

It is still all lies though and anyone with a brain can see through it, and yet they persist, secure in their knowledge that this action makes them part of the kool kidz and there will be a high-paying, no-work crony assignment for them in the next repuglican whitehouse staff chart. They wish.

Joshua A.

Exactly what kind of award has this blog won? Most political? Seriously, all of this conspiracy theory conserv-hating is just old and boring. I can't believe anyone can stand writing (or reading) about this stuff every day. Carry on, I was just looking for a pic of Gary Busey's helmet protector protector.


If you're too dumb to see the awards<-----, you're too stupid to decide what's boring or not.

Kit E

The comment by Joshua A pretty much proves my keyboard commando theory, doesn't it?

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