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April 08, 2006



Great post. Thanks!


Boy do I agree with you. As small business owners who have to deal with all those regulations (Workman's Comp, Unemployment, various taxes) and start untrained workers at $8.50/hour, my husband and I have sometimes joked that we'd like to hire Mexicans. But since we aren't rich enough for the Government to care about, we'll just follow the rules, and continue to provide jobs that Americans WILL do.

Kit E

You know whatis so amazing about these guys? They have been planning on destroying the power of labor and all social programs for over 30 years and they have managed to stay on target and on message for that long! What kind of deeply psychotic resentment does it take to maintain that level of hate and purpose for so long? Oh that's right, the same level of psychosis that is now making plans to bomb Iran. Well, at least they are consistent...

Neil Shakespeare

Goddamn, you're good at smelling the bullshit. That is EXACTLY what it's about, just like Iraq is about oil, oil and oil, in that order. And Bush is just sitting back and laughing on this one. And so lovely that EVERY REPUBLICAN voted against their own bill and then blamed its failure on Harry Reid. Jesus Christ, man! We're livin' in a fuckin' nuthouse! "Hey, Straw Boss! We got a bunch of nitwits down here!"

Peacechick Mary

Well done. Bushco is so terribly horrid that they make me dizzy just reading about them. You are right on target again. Ever think of being a political bomber pilot?

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