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March 14, 2006



he's got some nerve, that rat bastard.


Another brilliant post. You're once again spot on -- I've run out of words to describe the audacity of the moronic, useless prick taking up space in the Oval.


A dead on post. Talk about nerve. Bush gets on my nerves the instant his smirk appears on my television while channel surfing. A glimpse of him produces an involuntary, seizure reaction. Probably the result of nervousness from five years (and counting) of BushCo induced anxiety.


How has this mediocre rich kid managed to mask his complicity in 9/11 for so long? He may be a moron, but he's not stupid. Or he is, and he's just that sheltered.


you know, it makes me so angry when people pull that "you just hate Bush! you'd do ANYTHING to see him fail!" meme to wave away legitimate criticism. as if criticizing the president for failing is causing him to fail!!!!

your posts are a regular reminder that this collection of incompetent/corrupt/idiotic/some-combination-of-the-three clowns derves to be disliked, and that our anger is justified.


"We will not lose our nerve..."?!?! Yep, in my book, "nerve " is something you demonstrate by exhibiting courage in the face of personal risk, or at least when your own family or friends are at risk. It is NOT sitting behind your desk surrounded by Secret Service agents 7,000 miles from the action smugly saying "Bring it on!!!"

Loathesome scabrous worm!

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