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January 01, 2006



Can I take your math class? Mine is still saying 3 years and 20 or so days.

Or do you have secret knowledge (indictment) that I only wish were true.


No, you can not take my math class. But I can tell you what I've been drinking.

For anyone who doesn't understand this at all, I corrected my post. Anything to keep the math nerds happy...

Mary Florida

Bush is like a kept-man and one that we can not afford, so it's time to set him free. Maybe some struggling democracy will pick him up down at the saloon. Happy New Year to you, Ricky.


I would like to be rid of him now; hasn't he done enough illegal stuff to get removed from office?


Are you sure you're not really George cuz you seem to have the same math skills?? Can't wait for another year of smart and thoughtful comments Ricky, happy new year!!!

Neil Shakespeare

Math skills?! Girls don't care about math skills! They like computer skills, numbchucks skills, archery skills...


Franky, when I started blogging, I was told there would be no math.

If I had known going in that I was going to have to endure lectures about the "null hypothesis", I never would have started a blog. I would have gone with my first choice instead:

A hardcore dwarf pOrn website, filled with pop up adds for dick $uper sizing.

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