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January 10, 2006



I don't know how you do it Ricky but, we're all glad you do.


Just to take one point (the "leaking" of knowledge of our global communications surveillance): knowledge of Echelon has been public since at least 1999 and specific details published at least by 2001! European countries were investigating Eschelon well before that, and the information available publicly. That bin Laden might have been "tipped off" that his cell phone communications weren't secure by a leak preventable by warrentless searches is absurd.

I also note that Bush still can't tell bin Laden from S. Hussein.

Absolutely the worst, most dangerous, greedy, power-mad, and in-the-pocket-of-big-business administration in US history, and that's saying something!


Ricky, thanks for keeping the fires of outrage burning while I lose control of all bodily functions and descend into grand mal epileptic seizure for the next three years.

Neil Shakespeare

Yeah, he's "The Turd That Doesn't Go Down" alright.


If people didn't blog, I'd think I was crazy or I'd go insane - it's the only way I know a lot of people feel anything like I do. The media doesn't portray 95% of the feelings being blogged on the internets.

We need bloggers for support, even if we get to the point the writing feels redundant and uneventful.

Also, I'm sure the chimp hates bloggers.


Please keep blogging. You have fans and if you didn't blog as Ellen poined out upthread we'd be very lonely. You are doing a great job. As my husband says about me "You absorb 50 percent more angst"than other models.


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