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January 12, 2006



It sickens and saddens me that our country is not better equipped to handle idiots like Yoo, and our Present Nut. To allow the torture of any human, for any circumstance is not only barbaric but totally useless. But to go the one step further, and bring a child into it is inhuman. It's unforgiveable, and should be grounds for immediate stoning. I don't know what else to say, it's beyond my comprehension. But I will say this, we have just begun to uncover the evilness of this facist regime.

Neil Shakespeare

I think it would depend on whether the fetus had testicles and, if so, if those testicles had terroristic tendencies. It would have to be a judgement call on his part. And I trust him to make these big testicle decisions. That's his job. He crushes childrens' testicles so I don't have to.


By crushing all of their testicles when they are young boys, we can eliminate a great number of impregnations and thus abortions.

I think it's their master plan.


So I got out my nutcracker.

Pecans have thin shells and crack with almost no pressure. You could pretty much say the same for walnuts. Not much resistance there. Hazelnuts, almonds--crack at first bite. It's the brazil nuts, hardshelled and horny, that really crack the cracker.

Man nuts, however, have the thinnest of shells and, I can tell you, no crack resistance whatsoever. They taste something like mountain oysters.


Obviously you all have no respect for music. Now days there are only a few lucky billionaires and shikh's who have had the rare chance to hear the voice of God. It is so sad how few can afford to hear the power and grace that is delivered through the voice of a 16 year old castrated boy.

W. is just trying to bring this unique treat to the masses...

Come on, what sounds better....Persian Choir Boys or Arabian Choir Boys?

Yoo Mamma!

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