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January 11, 2006



Somewhere -- somewhere there has to be a photo of Dick Cheney doing his version of "crushing day".


For your reference, here is the official US government testicle crusher suitable for use on children and adults! I note that the phrase "...because that would just be plain wrong." didn't come up in Yoo or Bush's discusssion of the matter. Of course, as a former school bus driver, I oppose any prohibition of is just too limiting.


And BTW, let us not think this is so outre as to be an imaginary scenario. More like the setting of a foundation for the defense! Seymour Hersh reported the existance of video of young boys being sodomized at Abu Ghraib back in 2004.

"Donald Rumsfeld, Gen. Meyers, and various senators have described (the video as) so bad as to make milk curdle and children cry. Grotesque footage of the rape of little children and naked, bound somewhat over the top."

Whatever happened to "don't ask, don't tell, and please don't make graphic videos of it"?

Neil Shakespeare

Whatever happened to those other Abu Ghraib videos? If there's testicle crushing on there I'd like to see it. Of course there's no treaty against children's testicle crushing. In fact, I think U.S. Children's Testicle Crushing Team is on tour right now.


Now that he's "secretly" signed the pro-torture "statement" while on vacation, he can still do anything. I think infant testicle crushing is next. They have a lot of secret info.

Jerry - silly - he has to use his hands!!!

Dick Durata

Ouch, Jerry.
And I'd like to point out that the President has the power to order a sex change for the little girl, and then crush her testicles.


I put up a post referencing your post. The comment I made earlier somehow didn't take - could have been me in a white hot rage and I didn't do something. Thanks Ricky.


The USAID picture would be funny if wasn't so true. Nice post.


"Better The innocent suffer then the guilty get away" ..i think some guy said that before ordering the killing all the newborns because jesus could be one of them.

Fuck You

Lol, WINNER! Joo win 3 internets, the story neds moar cowbell tho!


That's a keeper.

eve isk

Lol, WINNER! Joo win 3 internets, the story neds moar cowbell tho!

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