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December 28, 2005


Mary - Minnesota

I'll prepare the casket, get ready to go underground...nice rant Ricky, as usual on point, I really like the part about why wiretap if you know the stuff is going on...makes sense to me...


Ricky, I am actually beginning to believe we may be in that camp playing volleyball. Know a good lawyer?


Did you see how your Liberal Press say's "flip-flop" when Bush is the flip-flopper? "President Bush shifted his rhetoric on Iraq". I'd like to shift my flip-flops right up their ass. That's the Washington Post.


Its so easy to stand back and say what a crappy President we have after the fact. Who was stopping the patriot act when it was being created? Almost nobody, just about everyone in politics at the time was getting there pictures taken united behind a determined idiot. When you've just been pushed into a bar fight, its great to stand behind the the drunk idiot that knows how to fight. When things get better, its easy to point fingers.


"Bush has authorized thousands of illegal wiretaps. And, no, not all of those people--and I'd be surprised with this insanely, unbelievably incompetent crew that any of those people--have blown up weddings."

Well, unless they have been wiretapping our own generals. Our military forces have been known to blow up weddings.

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