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December 04, 2005



There was a very good reason they were voted number 2 in the country-the pity party for poor tom osbourne cause he hadn't won a title.
Can you name any players on that 94 nebraska team? How about psu-
Kerry Collins? KJ Carter? Bobby Engram? Kyle Brady? Jeff Hartings? Freddie Scott!
Am I missing any offensive players hear?


The worst thing about that '94 team was that they were too good. I hardly remember ever even watching the second half a game that year.

It was almost always over by halftime.

But, see what I mean about controversy? You're still fired up about that '94 team. Me, too.

But you never hear anyone talk like that about the '82 team...


Oh yeah, me too! *shrug*


Mary, we, at the Bottle Of Blog are irreverent--and irrelevent--regarding nearly everything.

But we never joke about the mighty and noble Nittany Lions.



You got one thing wrong:

"Notre Dame lost two games. They lost to Michigan State, pretty badly, who Penn State beat."

Notre Dame did not lose to Michigan State "pretty badly." They lost in overtime following one of the more remarkable comebacks of the season.
"The Spartans overcame a 21-point comeback by the 10th-ranked Fighting Irish and pulled out their fifth straight win at Notre Dame Stadium with a 44-41 overtime victory on Saturday."

Of course, the Irish's other loss came against USC, in one of the greatest college football games of the season, if not all time, on a last second questionable play. I still have a digital picture of the scoreboard that I took at that game showing Notre Dame ahead with 0:00 to play. And as much as some people complain that Notre Dame's schedule was weak this year, it was the preseason TOUGHEST schedule in the nation. Almost every team was ranked pre-season. Not their fault that Pittsburgh, Purdue, Michigan, Michigan State etc. ended up having subpar seasons.

But whatever, you're right, Penn State did get screwed... But not by Notre Dame. They got screwed when Florida State won their championship game. So I guess that's two things wrong.


You're right about that Michigan State game.

But I did not say Penn State got screwed by Notre Dame. They got screwed by the system--hence the post title.

Nor did I knock Notre Dame. I said they played a hell of a season. I only felt it was terrible that with two losses--one even to USC--they were playing a better, more exciting, more meaningful bowl than Penn State.

If we couldn't get a shot at Texas or USC, Penn State fans, me included, wanted more than anything to see Penn State play Notre Dame.

That would have been a great game. As good as the Rose Bowl.

Instead, Notre Dame, while getting a better game than PSU, also kind of gets screwed.

If Penn State beats FSU, and Notre Dame beats Ohio State, what does it matter? What does it prove? Nothing. Penn State also beat Ohio State. So that does nothing for the Irish, either.

It's a mindless system that rendered all of the big bowls meaningless, except the Rose Bowl.


There is no stadium on earth big enough to hold Penn State Fans AND Notre Dame fans at the same time. THAT game (when it comes), will surely register on the Richter Scale.


"There is no stadium on earth big enough to hold Penn State Fans AND Notre Dame fans at the same time. THAT game (when it comes), will surely register on the Richter Scale."

Its happening next year, 2006, at Notre Dame Stadium. Nothing could keep me away from that matchup.

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