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December 30, 2005



I am up way too late and probably don't make much sense, but you are on point as always, happy new year, cheers to 2006, here's hoping you have a good one. :)

Mary Florida

I have never witnessed a more evil, ugly bunch than the Bushites. Stay on their case Ricky, we're counting on you.

E.C. (Mary Washington)

Ah. I was hoping I'd find a post from you on this. I can never articulate the rage I feel on reading this crap, but fortunately for the rest of us, you've got the gift of tongue (or would that be fingers?) in this regard.

Neil Shakespeare

I'm sorry, Rick, but God Almighty DID hand Moses a flaming copy of the New York Times. We are talking STANDARDS here! STANDARDS! Come now! Which do you consult on a daily basis, The Ten Commandments or The New York Times? I rest my standard...

My standard spends most of its time resting...

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