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December 08, 2005



Boy, Chickens AND Midget Sex! Now your're talking. Reminded me of a guy I dated who worked for NSA. We both had high level security clearances and we were talking about our interviews prior to getting the clearance. He was actually asked, Do you have sex with animals. Say, chickens? To which he responded, "Do you know the price of a good chicken these days?" The interviewer didn't crack a smile. Merry Fitsmas!


Merry Fitzmas reminded me, can we still celebrate Festivus?? I don't want to be politically correct or anything.


yes, we should celebrate Festivus! And I think Ricky should start us off with the airing of the greivences.


Welcome to my blog, Cookie. It's called "The Airing of Greivences".

Thesaurus Rex

Hot, damn! Well (very well) said.

Mrs. K8

If this isn't enough to make anyone insane, there's a story by "AP Religion Writer" Rachel Zoll about how evangelical megachurches are closing this year ON CHRISTMAS DAY.


So that the poor church staff and volunteers can be at home and enjoy the "holiday" with their families! [And open all those materialistic goodies wrapped and placed under the tree, no doubt. Or watch football games. Those video games won't play by themselves, you know.]

Here's the link:;_ylt=Amhxf1_m2ZXeBT7uy1kyG8ys0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3b2NibDltBHNlYwM3MTY-

Mrs. K8

Oops, thought the link would become shortened, sorry!

There's a link to the story at -- lower right-hand side of the page.


Thanks for reminding folks about the historical record and the Puritans' actual "war" on Christmas. 2 other points to remember - first that Christmas is not even close to being the "holiest day of the year" for actual Christians of any stripe or denomination. That day is Easter. Second, and related to that, the only people that find as you rightly call it some "holy significance" in being wished a Merry Christmas are so-called Christians who never darken the door of a church, so constantly try to justify their religious impulses in the secular world with crap like this. Last point, then I'll shut up - in the Christian church right now (as opposed to the Church of Wal Mart)it is NOT EVEN CHRISTMAS yet, it's ADVENT.


Early Christians co-opted pagan traditions and morphed/absorbed them into what we now equate with Christmas; the goodies, the tree, the gifts. This nonsense would be laughable if it weren't so scary how easily most people are manipulated into victimhood by the specter of the evil ACLU trying to kill Santa, Rudolph, and the baby Jeebus.

Wake me up when the "Feats of Strength" start.

Jack O'Roses

This is in part an "anger ploy." If we fight back hard from a place of anger, we give them evidence of what they're saying.

But we cant let it sit.

So the best thing is to ridicule it - which is a potent form of political speech they are trying to repress through proclaiming themselves as victims of the "mean" left. Who would ridicule an underdog?

I would if he were a fraud.

They are.

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