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December 08, 2005



so, if they've "heard _all_ about you," what exactly have the heard? And is it true????


Oooops. I sent that to the wrong Ricky!


No, you got the right guy. I totally dig jaw opening dwarf pOrn. But, again, I like mine with ornamental headgear.

You know, I like my dwarf p0rn dirty.

This stuff is vanilla.


ok, but i gotta know. do the dwarfs wear speedos or are they buck nekkid?


I'm a big Tolkien fan, Cookie. I picture the Dwarves in little mithril codpieces.

With lofty ornamental headgear...


u r a cock. u said that this site contained dwarfs having sex with each other.u are a liar. this site is not worth my jizzzzzzz.


Sorry to disappoint. Though, on the other hand, I can only be so unhappy that you didn't leave your jizzzzzz here.


We also feel cheated. We were wondering which has the larger penis: dwarves or midgets? Photographic evidence would be preferable.


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