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October 13, 2005


Tom Chadwell

Amen! You've pretty much itemized why I spend (waste) so much time bouncing between frustrated and furious.

I agree with Reed Hundt's post today over at TPMCafe we should respond with authenticity and sincerity.


These suckers don't really mind being had. They're used to it. They're had on a daily basis by everyone from the tobacco companies to WalMart to their churches and schools. They only mind it when it's pointed out to them. Where's my fucking remote?

Northern Observer

I'd like to force fead this blog post to the pro GOP punditocracy I have to endure on my TV every week. I want to see them gag and choke on their willfull hypocracy.


Well put. You can see the splintering happening in the GOP before your very eyes though. The conservative base is abandoning their champion because he was, um, not conservative enough.



Nicely done.



Fantastic smackdown!

And I totally agree with the part about the red-state types having little concern beyond their team "winning." All of those people driving around with their Bush/Cheney '04 bumper stickers a year after the election bring to mind every obnoxious sports fan I've ever known--you know, the kind who refer to their team of choice as "we" and speak as though they are an integral part of the proceedings on the field, court, or rink... never realizing, of course, that beyond getting the fan to buy tickets and beers at the game, and maybe selling them a t-shirt or three, those players and teams don't give a good goddamn what the fan thinks about anything.


Any of you assholes who voted for Bush want to defend that vote?

I didn't think so.


I always want to know some subtle way to "edit" that bush '04 sticker.

Republicans! Pick a thing and believe in it.

They have. But, as you say yourself, it's not anything they can tell you and still get elected.

What is it that they believe? They believe that they should have all the money. They believe that they should have all the power. They believe that if it keeps them in control or gets them more of same, that it should be done, and damn everyone else. They believe that they can get away with it because, on the whole, people are pretty stupid.

Looking at the state of affairs in this country, it's hard to argue with that last one.


Well said. Amen.


Go man go!

I saw a good bumper sticker that applies well to this situation (a bit esoteric for you Christian Right bloggers perhaps...).


the Liberal Firebrand

I've been saying the same stuff down here in my beloved little home town of Fort Worth, TX. Believe me, it's Bush Central down here. I pass a car with a sickening "W" sticker on it, and I try to make contact with the moron and derisively shake my head. GREAT stuff, man. Keep spreading the truth.


Denial isn't just a river in Egypt.

I believe that the majority of people who vote for the Bushies are rationalizing EVERYTHING to themselves. They pick one thing to care about, usually something superficial like taxes, and then proceed to twist the facts to support their choice of whom to vote for so they can have that tax cut! At ANY cost.

They will manipulate and pick and choose what to believe and make decisions all based upon thinking to themselves... "If I don't believe in everything Bush says, I don't get to support my tax cuts." It's all or nothing for them really, and everything is black and white. The diff between conservatives and liberals has always been the observation of shades of gray, and at no time has this been more obvious.

IMO, anyways. Great post!


Hey Ellen, how about a can of black spray paint? Just stay away from the pickup truck with NRA stickers next to the W sticker.


"Not all conservatives are stupid but all stupid people are conservative"

Hope that helps.

Great post, one thing I've noticed about Bush supporters is their inability or unwillingness to apply any critical thinking to what they see and hear from the Republicans on a daily basis. Not an ironic gene in their bodies and solid concrete between the ears. I've had the experience of pointing out some howling inconsistencies, unsubstantiated (and sometimes unsubstanciable) declarations or even repeatedly debunked notions (Sudan offered Osama to Clinton and was turned down!) in the comment sections of several blogs and the standard response is......silence. As soon as you throw any dissonance their way they just tune it out. With them, it's not what's right as much as who's right, and there's no reasoning with that.


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