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October 13, 2005



HGilarious post.


"Who are you?"

"The new Number Two."

"Who is Number One?"

"You are Number Six."



who wants a pony

so, who wrote that letter ? Pentagon Psy Ops ? Iran ? Iraqi Shi'a ?


I have no idea who wrote that letter.

I don't think anyone will ever know, unless the brain trust at POWERLINE devotes their awesome kerning skills to this whole mystery, wrapped in a tortilla, surrounded by a hot dog bun.

Maybe it was Dan Rather. He's got to pissed enough to try.

Porlock Junior

OK, if no one else is sufficiently trivial and vulgar, someone has to say it: The government finds so many number-2 men because they think Al Qaeda is a big heap of Number Two.

Actually, what got me is how amazing it is that one of the leaders of the organization can actually write a letter! Chilling, indeed.


no, zawahiri has been described as # 2 all along. It's # 3 there's been a dozen of.

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