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October 26, 2005


Neil Shakespeare

Christ is pleased. He is VERY pleased.


Jesus may not be pleased, but all those greedy bastards that use his name to get richer, are pissing themselves in glee.


Jesus shops at Walmart. I saw him drag his cross in setting off the alarms. The little greeter lady stuck a yellow sticky on it and asked if it was a return. I think they are going to change the name from Walmart to Jesusmart.


you know, twice i've been duped and caught unaware by wal mart and accidentally bought jesus things. I was just trying to purchase non-descript thank you notes and then a plain notepad with a magnet for my fridge.

When I got them home, and opened the packages, the notepad had a cross on it, and the thank you notes said something about "thank god for you." Neither were visible until you undid the packaging.

Wal Mart works in mysterious ways.


Well, you see, Wal-Mart is actually very progressive. By forcing the government to take on the cost of medical care for their employees and their families, they are actually leading the way in promoting socialized medicine in this country. God bless Wal-Mart.

I had a thought: since Wal-Mart gets people into their stores partly by promoting loss-leaders (items that they sell below cost), what would be better than a boycott, would be to find out what the loss-leaders are, then go and only buy those items. They'd lose money on every transaction! HA HA!


Walmart employees in Canada are all insured, but it's not Walton goodness of course, it's universal medical coverage. The fight up here is to unionize and Walmart even closed one store that had a successful vote. You nailed it bro - immoral, greedy and plain nasty levels of wealth.


J.C. would not be very pleased about what many of his supposed followers are doing.


Just so you know, the Ellison on that list? It ain't me.

I spell mine differently. I'm younger.

Oh, yeah - and I don't have seventeen billion fucking dollars.



Elisson, look if you don't want to share, that's your business. But don't lie about your seventeen billion dollars, you cheap bastard.

Frankly, that's just beneath you.

Also, I'd like to clarify a point that I sort of glossed over. When the Waltons of Walmart talk about their responsibility to shareholders, or their concern about Wall Street, this is a lie.

The five members of the Walton family on that list of the ten richest Americans own--just those five without any other member of the Walton family--own 48% of Walmart stock.

When the Waltons talk about a responsibility to shareholders, they're talking about them. Period.

Blue Cross of California

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