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October 28, 2005



Of course he broke the law. One question lurks: What was the purpose of conversation when Cheney told Libby, Plame is CIA. I mean that wouldn't just pop into any coversation, so what was the agenda at the time - slam Wilson so bad that he will back off knowing the White Hosers are willing to undermine Valerie's safety to shut him up? Much to investigate and mull.


The purpose is exactly what common sense tells you it is, what Wilson told us all it is:

To punish Wilson and to frighten CIA operatives so that they would stop leaking information that was critical of the Bush administration.

That's in the indictment, as well!

Read paragraph 11 of the indictment.

It's right there.

The rest of this is just bullshit. And everyone with any kind of common sense knows it.

And the number one thing to remember about all of this is that the CIA made a formal complaint to the Justice Department to force this investigation.

It wasn't Democrats. It wasn't political "partisans". It was the CIA.

The CIA, for whom Plame worked, understood quite well what just happened. And they were quite clear on Plame's status.

And they asked for a criminal investigation.

The rest of this is just damage control.


The encouraging thing to me is that this indictment seems like a leverage move. The two salient points in the tea leaves of the indictment were the official A announcing Novaks future colomn and the flight on Air Force 2 n which Scooty asks advice on how to answer the reporter barrage.

As I read it, that's the goal - proving Rove and Cheney's actual involvement in the outing and being able to charge them with the revealing classified info statute.

The punditry would be funny for the sport of how deeply one can drink the koolaid to collect a paycheck, if the behavior weren't so goddamn unamerican.

This strikes me as squeezing the lieutenant to get the mob boss. Hope springs eternal.

And your spot on - the stupidity will prevail. Which just means I'll scream at the radio and tv for a few months until Fitzgerald shuts them up.

Not that they will. Such is the catch 22.

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