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September 29, 2005


Duplex Dude

In the world of military precision you know a guy is making stuff up when he says, "I think it's around three divisions," with the emphasis on I think.

Duplex Dude

Thinking about it further, it all depends on what job GW was talking about. If he meant the job of serving as easy targets for the insurgents he was probably right.


I wonder if the Rove spin machine is programmed with psychological numbers - numbers that are significant to raise our hopes and numbers low enough to minimize, aka, number dead, number of protestors. Also, I wonder how willing the Iraqi forces are to open fire on their own people. Come to think of it, how willing are our own National Guardmen to open fire on their own???


I don't think they can answer any of that ridiculous stuff until they agree on an answer to the really important question...

"If you get a blowjob in the Whitehouse, is it considered sex?"

You're moving too fast for them, Ricky.

Neil Shakespeare

Just saw a pissed-off Rumsfeld crying to the press: "You have to stop using the numbers '1' and '3'!"


poor rumsfeld. he can't count that high. cut him some slack, will ya?

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