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July 23, 2005



I hope it turns out that Biden was bound, gagged, and forced to write that pansy-ass note at gunpoint. Now, had this nomination come from anyone other than Chimpy, we could assume that the whole "concerned mom" and "church elder" stories were too absurd to be anything other than a CIA front organization or something of that nature. But in this case, she probably is that thoroughly unqualified for the position. So, following in the footsteps of Kerik, Bolton, Rice, and Rice again, I guess she should be rewarded for her incompetence. I wonder if she listed "carefully studied the technique demonstrated by Our Leader on how to properly make out with foreign dignitaries while taking a leisurely stroll through the gardens of Texarabia"
Perhaps there was a good reason for not taking interest in actually interviewing her... Either its because members of Chimpy's Dream Team have all the persnality and intelligence of a wet noodle (and who wants to try to carry on a conversation with one of those), or its due to the realization that there is no possible way to improve how the world views us as long as this country is being run by a war profiteer. Compared to the damage he's causing, she probably couldn't make things much worse.


Biden deserted in the face of the enemy on the Bankruptcy vote, so I don't expect much more than the occassional sound bite from Joey anymore.


Watching the Democrats is sort of like watching a "Bad News Bears" kids rec team. Team (Goppers) continues to win by pounding away at the Democrat team, who just can't get themselves together.

How ironic that the Republicans continually remark about those "angry Democrats" and the "liberal media", all the while trying to convince the General Public they are true "bipartisan" team. The Democrats needs to learn how to play ball as a TEAM, and fast.

Chhimi Jigme

Honestly dood -- the thing about the bush camp and reps piss me off but to make matters worse -- I am sick of our Dem. Reps up there a bunch of whinny pussies --- shit if this was a democratic office they would be grilling clinton on a spit --- all he did was get a BJ and he got grilled imagine if he were screwing this country like these aholes.!


Did y'all hear about how Diane Feinstein, the Democrat from California all but defended Roberts against answering questions about the descrepancy between what he says and what the Federalist Society says about his membership in the Society?

Does his charisma just make all women turn to putty in his hand, or is she just as weak as Biden?


Maybe the Dems are taking advise from Hillary. I don't know that much about Roberts, but I have to wonder if the Dems are thinking " if we don't pick him, the next one could be even worse" . . .


Personally, I don't think ANY woman should be sent to the arab world to compromise. (Even though that word isn't in the simian's vocabulary.) They don't respect our male leaders, let alone any of our women. This is NOT the time to get a woman over there trying to work things out. Stupid idea. It's like pouring salt on an open wound.


All of Bush's picks stink like cat piss. For that matter, so does Bu$h.
As for the Dems, they sink to lower levels every day while endlessly trying to wheedle money out of working class Dems on their useless promises of change. I am disgusted with them all.

Elke Sisco

Just wait till she brings a "Mom's perspective" the Arab world.


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