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May 22, 2005



This would take me hours(or days) to do. I can't even think of my favorite bands most days.


You say it's hard, and then you make it look so easy.
Oh, and thank you for the tunes. If you want to keep blogging lyrics, go right ahead! I'll gladly buy eggs for you. Hey, I'll even throw in a gallon of milk, a case of Rolling Rock, and some snottily European chocolate!


And all the Umpa Lumpa songs??? Yeah, those rock! They're right up there with Graham Parker and Bruce.


Alright Ricky, here ya go. I didn't give this a whole lot of thought, but you know, if you're my house husband, I'll gladly let you listen to anything you want. Even Constipated-sounding 80's Blue Jean Bruce Springsteen. Just change the oil in my lawn-mower and I'm all yours.

Top Five Lyrics that Move Your Heart:

Dance, Drink, Screw, 'cuz there's nothing else to do - William Shatner and Joe Jackson

The weather is here I wish you were beautiful.
My thoughts aren't too clear but don't run away
My girlfriend's a bore, my job is too dutiful
Hell, nobody's perfect would you like to play
- Jimmy Buffet

I beg to dream and differ from the hallow lies - Green Day

Judge not, Before you judge yourself
Judge Not, If you're not ready for judgement
The boat of life is rocking, And you may stumble too
So while you talk about me someone else is judging you
- Bob Marley

And the best love song ever:
She's my darlin', my daisy, cross eyed, she's crazy.
Knock-kneed, bow-legged and she's mine, all mine.
Well her teeth are all false, got her teeth in epson salts
She's my freckled faced Liza Jane
- Split Lip Rayfield

Top 5 Instrumentals:

I don't really like instrumentals, but that tequila song that Pee Wee Herman does is
kind of fun, and of course the theme song to NPR always gives me goosebumps.

Top 5 Live Musical Experiences:

Arlo Guthrie at Liberty Hall in Lawrence, KS, circa 1994
Some old blues singer on his 80th birthday on the street in Memphis, circa 1993
Making up and singing our own silly lyrics to well-known tunes with my friends in elementary school
When my friend, David Enoch, sporting a beehive hairdo got up and sang Okie From Miscogee in Lawrence, KS with Chuck Meade before BR549, circa 1993
Jamming with my ex-boyfriend's three year old son. He played the drums, I played the harmonica, circa 2001

Top Two Artists You Think More People Should Listen To:

Split Lip Rayfield - I love these guys
The Weary Boys - their version of Dixie will bring tears to your eyes

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