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January 25, 2005



Ricky! okay to clarify a few things first. The election stuff will take place off base, something is going on here, don't know what. so have no fear about that.

the next thing. I shared this post with some Marine friends of mine (yes they spell much better than I do) I gave you credit of course and posted a link to your blog, so maybe you will have a bunch of pissed off military guys posting to your site, not pissed at you, pissed at what is, and isn't in this country. i have been thinking maybe I should get into polotics. I am smart enough to see the validity of certain points on both sides of the spectrum, and I can make all those words word together to form a coherent thouhgt... now I just need to get rich and in a position of power and let the kick backs roll in... yeah. anyways, keep fighting the good fight and me and my homies are home in less than a month!!! i hope to Apocolypse is still a few years off, and the gay bomb... yeah.


You misunderestimated Chimpy. See, there was first the "new English" where mindless incompetents are said to have "integrity". Now you are learning the "new Math" where they say "cut the deficit in half" to describe what someone in the reality-based world would call "cutting the value of the dollar in half".

Perhaps the twit is planning on racking up massive debt with China, then starting nuclear war with them. No more China = No more debt. Wow, he might be onto something after all (besides bourbon and cocaine, that is). Since global warming is just a story made up by the "liberal" media to scare everyone, all that hooey about nuclear fallout being dangerous and stuff, thats probably a lie too. Besides, there is no commandment saying "thou shalt not blow thine enemy to tiny bits" so it must be okay to do that.


Guys, guys, guys! WHAT is the matter with you? Fear not! Everything will be just fine: Bushie is just going to cut the deficit from the federal budget. Here's the good news:

Faced with the difficult choice of either cutting government programs or raising taxes, Bush reportedly arrived at the radical new "deficit-cutting" solution late Sunday night, only hours before he was to announce his budget.

"I was staring at the figure for the deficit, and I decided that it simply could not stand," Bush said. "It was too high. Something had to be done. But Americans have been taxed and taxed. I say 'Enough taxes.' By my estimation, this historical crossing-out of the deficit will save American taxpayers millions, billions, and perhaps even bajillions of dollars."

The president then turned to Section 14-D of the official budget document, where the federal government's total expenditures, the GNP, and the difference between the two were listed. Using a black Sharpie, the president crossed out the third figure, eliminating it entirely.

Bush then held up the newly marked-up page and said, "My fellow Americans, I have solved the federal budget crisis."

The budget is expected to pass through the GOP-controlled Congress with little or no opposition.

This was duly reported by America's Finest News Source recently. Since it has rolled into the archives and is only accessible to upstanding citizens and premium members such as myself, I have taken the liberty of making a pdf of this fine article available to you excitable boys.

Aren't you glad? :-]

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