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January 27, 2005



I love it! That's it exactly! Everyone I know is getting this in their e-mail. I'm printing it to hang in my office too.

Rob - TGLF

oh lord, Ricky, you are THE MAN!

marry me,


That one may start flying around e-mails, Ricky


Yup, might have to kipe this one!


Kipe? What is kipe?

How come I go through life always feeling like I missed a memo?


Argh -- probably a strictly west-coast 1970s term.... (you know, to "purloin").


Well, kipe away, then! No copyright here, folks. And even if I were industrious enough to, well, I'm sure the courts, our third co-equal branch of government, have enough to worry about, what with all the rampant discrimination against Christians in this country, not to mention gay cartoon characters or the civilization destroying baring of a black boob.

And civilization destroying, black boob baring season is right now, what with the Super Bowl and everything. If that useless doorstop Ridge was still at Homeland Security, and it was still an election year, I'm sure the terrorism alert would be elevated to "Purple Nipple" by now.

Anyway...back to the courts...

Like they need me suing over a photograph I out and out stole from the New York Times.

Kipe away, muthakipers!


Tonya - more like "gleep" than "purloin," but that's just my opinion.

Craps? I don't think so. More like playing against the house in Vegas. Which suddenly strikes me as a rather apt metaphor for the whole Bushandcronies/idiotswhovotedforhim relationship. Wasn't it Bugsy Segal who described owning a casino as having a place where people walk in, give you all their money, and walk out smiling, wanting to hurry back?


"Gleep", Jerry? I guess this is where East meets West.


Isn't "gleeping" when you somehow squirt spit by bending your tongue? My cousin was really good at that, but I never figured it out.

Kipe is a perfectly general-use word. Although it sounds a bit Jewy.

And I kiped it, too, to share via email (with proper credit, of course).



Well, maybe this is where east meets west (in spite of Kipling, who didn't have the internet, after all!) Back in the old days out here ("Sherman, set the Wayback machine for California in the late 60s!"), "gleep" meant, well, like you see a ten-spot on the floor by the cashier, and no one else seems to want it, so you gleep it. It does sort of edge over into "Steal," but is a situation that is easier to rationalize.

I never knew a word for spitting through your curled tongue, though obviously there should be one! Like when you're walking down the street, and headed straight for someone coming the other direction, and you both move the same way, trying to let them pass, and then you both move the other way, and you almost smash into each other trying to be polite, and then you laugh...and there is just this implicit understanding and no way to say, "Whoa, we really (blanked) there." Unless there is an eastern word for that.


Isn't it, "Whoa, we really fucked-up there?"
That's universal.


I think the word =AnnA= means is gleek (prounounced like leak, but with a g) or maybe it is spelled gleak? i dunno, that is what we called it. gleeking on someone was considered cool when you were in the 5th grade, i never mastered the art of gleeking although i had many many instructors on the finer pointes through out the years... and who doesn't like a good craps game? I mean really?


Jesus, are you nuts, Erwin? Posting comments on a blog?

Keep your head down, for Christ's sake!


well the question of my sanity has come into question several times in recent months, and even before that it was a hot topic. but I like posting to blogs, and i like reading yours. Is something going on I should know about? I haven't checked the news yet today. is it the elections or what?


It's the elections, Erwin. Happy, grateful, freedom loving Iraqis are killing many Americans this week.


i have heard some bad news. at least I can sleep better at night knowing the media will put a happy face on all this, and they will interview the 30% or so of the people in the military that actually believe in this war, and they will have nothing but good things to say about it. Some civillian contractors will be interviewed, and of course they are going to love it out here, shit they are all getting rich at the governments expense. do you know that some of the people out here make $187,000 a year. That is 7 times as much as make! 7 fucking times. and what the shit are they doing? nothing that Marines, Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen haven't been trained to do and for far less money. Anything they do, I gaurantee there is a service member who can do the same thing, if not do it better, for far less. It is a fucking fact! These fucks get paid more than than a fucking 4 star general in the military and I am suppose to be happy about it... FUCK NO! We Hire security companies (whackenhut) to provide security, when you could have a service member do the same thing. granted there are some people who have been involuntarily extended past their EAS, or been recalled, but 95 percent or so of the people in the military are here because they wanted to be. did they see this shit happening, no, but we all knew it could happen. That is what pisses me off. you got some fuck doing the same thing i can do, but he makes 5 to 7 times the amount of money i make. Here is a wacky idea. why not just have an entirely civilian force out here? The idea was thrown out in The Mancurian Candidate, and I see it happening in the next several years. Talk about a defict from this war. watch the monthly total increase by like 80 - 100 billion if not more. i feel sick. i feel poor, I feel like I am done with this shit. Time for me to join this civillian force and make millions that way.


Erwin - a 100% merc operation! Excellent! Of course, as you note, it would cost, oh, say, 10 times as much. So we're talking about around a TRILLION dollars so far. But, hell, it is never going to be paid off anyway.

Ellen -

Are you kidding? "Whoa, we really fucked-up there?"
That's universal.
Universal, hah?! You'll never hear that out of the White House or the NeoTheoCons!


Just thinking...maybe we should turn this whole "reconstruction" (snigger) thing over to the Army Corps of Engineers. They may be tired of screwing up America's waterways, and would love a chance to practice on Iraq's infrastructure!


Mercinary army? An excellent idea...especially if we decide to fight the battle on an Everquest server instead...mercinaries. Yeah. Right. Not when your labour is so damn cheap, Erwin.

And lay off, Jerry. My late grampa was in the Army Corps of Engineers. He built a bridge that, in small town Minnesota, had a 20 car pile up this week due to vengeful fog...or, perhaps, a vengeful ghost sick of people giving him shit about his bridge building capabilities. You best watch yo' seff Jer.

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