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October 30, 2004



Damn, the White House is making a fool of me. First, I had to admit that the administration did tell the truth once, about having a couple October Surprises up it's sleeve.

Then my belief that they don't give a damn about health care was shattered when Bush showed his touching concern in protecting us from third-world pharmaceuticals! (Except, of course, the 75% of the world production of narcotics that originate in Afghanistan; but how could we influence events in a country that far away?!)

Now I've lost my claim that they didn't plan for the period after we invaded Iraq. Because we learn that at least a month before the war started, over $7 billion dollars had been allocated to restore the flow of oil, and a contractor had been picked and was gearing up for the work! (With all that oil now in our control, I expect to see gasoline prices at about 50 cent a gallon soon!)

Reconsidering my vote, here. I think GOD may be moving me to vote on blind, pig-ignorant faith, rather than the mountain of verifiable evidence that these are the most corrupt, self-serving, murdering asswipes ever to form a US administration.


Listen, when God speaks to Bu$hCo, he understands what he must do: continue.
Wish we could put a bug in Bu$hCo's ear and have it say, "Jump off a high cliff, now!"

PS: My addy has changed to:

Just call me "also not scum." :)

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