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September 02, 2004



But I thought Kerry's will-timed rebuttal from Ohio went pretty well. It's as close as he has come to out'n'out calling Bush a liar, and the litany of Bush's broken 'promises' from 2000 was limited but effective. AND...CNN covered the whole speech with virtually no distractions even as they segued to Larry King.


fucking hilarious.


send them to the troops in iraq, i hear they're out there in their underwear because senator kerry didn't approve funding for the war. hee hee.


i can't stop laffin. my own small furry four foots are giving me dirty looks and i think i saw them trying to write a threatening note about not getting any funny ideas.


As I started to fasion my own similar citrusy kitty helmets (my cat has to be one of the most clumsy felines out there - would do her good), she scratched "D-I-E" into her kitty litter. The bitch. The cat in the photo looks so...happy. Guess I'll have to go back to sticking sucker sticks on her forhead for fun.


Can we send in pics of our cats in hats? Mine has a nifty Ossie digger hat. He thought we were going to occupy Australia and teach them two-party democracy in exchange for opals.


Do you have any idea how many millions those helmets cost the taxpayers? They're made from rare unripened top secret oranges grown only in the wilds of Italy, Monaco and Brazil. It's necessary that they be picked only by the hands of ultra-conservative republicans and only after they've been flown to those destinations on AirForce I. They cannot bring any of their own money or spouses because that will taint the helmets usefulness, and it's a "Don't ask, don't tell" classified trip. Very important stuff. They had to scrap the Mars mission because they've gone on the trip and now they have to think of something else to do before the "simple-minded" public realizes they've spent millions on green orange peels. They will...

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Wow. Ellen. Can I have some of whatever you're on?


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