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September 20, 2004



The marching band was a nice touch, but it was time for some ranting 'round here. Glad to see you back in good form!

Did you see the "Live Vote" box on the page you linked to above? It asks: Do you agree with the reported remarks of the British diplomat about President Bush's impact on al-Qaida recruitment?

Of the 30,374 responses posted when I checked a minute ago, 73% were "yes" votes. And that's on MSNBC.


Well, that 73% was most likely just our State Department.


Plus one, from the Yellow Rose's father who also predicted the current outcome of occupation.

And speaking of whom, I would trust George, Sr. and Martha, who surely knew what Bush was up to, if they came out and said, "We know that Jr. honorably fulfilled every requirement of his Guard duty." 'Course, they won't even say, "We support his re-election." What an embarrassment he must be to those two.

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