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August 30, 2004



Hey Ricky:

Are you always this nasty to newcomers to your blog? Or maybe you were being sarcastic and it went over my head.


Actually, Mary, I was kidding. On my browser, the letter really is gigantic. I mean, it's enormous.

But I looked at it on my browser at work, and it is tiny. I have no idea why that is.


Mary, It's tiny on my browser but I can right click and choose "fit to Page" and it becomes readable. Try that. As a long time reader of Ricky's blog I can tell you he is usually nice but he also may, or may not be, vermin ridden.


I had forgotten all about my vermin. They apparently have not ridden me regularly enough, lately.

I had also forgotten about my old friend...Mary! Whose other voices in her head, like "Jocelyn", like to post comments like this:

You are just an immature little asshole with way too much time on your hands. NO way you can possibly be happy can you? Can't be glad that for the first time in over 30 years Iraq has a chance to be a free nation? Well, just continue to follow your blind hatred around and around as your leash gets shorter and shorter and you ultimately wind up stuck to the pole of liberal stupidity.

Or her other voice in her head, Julie, who likes to post comments like this:

Tj-get a clue baby. I live in middle America and I have a much better education than 8th grade, you pompous, arrogant, elite c**t. How dare you. I'm so sick of people like you. Burn in hell.

So, no, "Mary", I'm not usually nasty to newcomers to my blog. But then, you're not a newcomer, are you?


Maybe "Mary" can meet Pete! He's going to be a doctor! And all of his body hair is (how did he put it?) one length? No, that sounds too normal.

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