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August 31, 2004



Did she really say "hide under desks?"

Were we hiding under our desks before Bush came along? Fuck me, I totally don't remember that.

And what's with that army encamped in Manhattan to "secure" those worthless Republican shitheels? Are they acting like they are fucking safe?


Oh, absolutely. But, frankly, at least according to the official transcript, I misquoted her. She said thanks to all the strong paranoid leadership of the past, we no longer hide under our desks.

Then, she said thanks to her husband's leadership we won't have to basically hide under our desks in the future.

And we need to explain that because of strong American leadership in the past we don't hide under our desks anymore. Because of President Bush's leadership and the bravery of our men and women in uniform, I believe our children will grow up in a world where today's terror alerts have also become a thing of the past.

It still irks me to no end. It is certainly supposed to equate the fear of terrorism with the fear of nuclear war, and equate the end of the cold war with the salvation that George Bush can bring us all.

He can stop us from hiding under our desks.

What insulting horseshit.

Damian Castalera

Why so much hostility directed towards people who share different values/opinions than yours? When can we all just focus on the issues, instead of focusing on bashing people who have different views (that goes for both political parties). Would you namecall and bash people of a different religion or race? I hope not, we need to focus our attention on more than just petty namecalling and one-sided views, why not discuss the issues and offer more articulate and informative answers to your readers so that they understand more of where you stand on important issues and how you feel America would be without Bush and with Kerry in office. If you feel so strongly about ousting President Bush, tell us in your own thoughts and words how John Kerry or whomever would improve America. Who knows, you might win support from all kinds of different people and take votes away from Bush. It's never too late.

A Fellow Netizen & Blogreader,


Dude, what am I, the Atlantic Monthly?

1000 Americans are dead. Over ten thousand of them have been shredded by metal. Over 200 billion dollars of our money is--poof!--gone.

And we are ringing up a credit card debt that costs 340 billion dollars a year in interest payments alone.

Gosh, is that enough for my hostility?

I am focused on the issues, and I have about a thousand posts on why America would be better off without George Bush. And why the GOP is focused on bullshitting the American people. And if you too want to stop being full of shit, feel free.

And, if not, don't post silly comments about my "hate" and "name-calling".

I'm not going to waste my time educating you. If you want to know about hate and name calling, you can do your own google searches for Tom DeLay and Ann Coulter, and Sean Hannity, and the rest of the Republican leadership and the nice things they have to say.

Like, let's say, Ann Coulter's treatise on liberals: Treason. Or Hannity's Deliver Us From Evil.

Spend an awful afternoon perusing Townhall or Free

So, bite me. This sudden Republican reasonableness is as phoney as its sudden "moderation".

When you want to stop being completely full of baloney, I'd be happy to tone down my rhetoric. As long as you and the rest of your party are going to insist on being completely dishonest, I'm going to be hostile to that.

If you vote Republican, you might enjoy being lied to. Me? It pisses me off.


Dammit, Laura, of course you don't hide under your desk, you're ignorant of the realities of the dangers of the real world. Child of privilege, with no legal consequences for running a stop sign and killing someone. Wife of privilege, wealthy through your husband's devious and disgraceful "business life." "Citizen" of privelege, whisked away in a national emergency to a place a great deal safer and more luxurious than "under a desk."

ricky, I DID grow up hiding under my desk in the 50s, as instructed by Bert the Turtle. And damn straight that rhetoric is designed to equate today's terrorist threat with the nuclear holocaust threat I was living under then. The joke is that what the Bush administration has done in the name of "security" (they must laugh out loud at the chuckleheads who believe them) is about as effective as hiding under my desk would have been then, except NOW they wander the room stealing lunch money from desks and dragging off some of the students to be killed and maimed overseas, while we hide our heads.
Damian, if you are calling for polite discourse, call on the Bushies first. I can't remember a more scurrilous, mean-spirited, mendacious, santimonious word-storm as we have heard from them, both officially and (wink, wink) 'un'officially in my lifetime. Take for instance an attack that implies that exposing a constant stream of lies is somehow like being a racial or religious bigot, that exposing with facts a lying hypocrit and his war-profiteering cronies is "petty namecalling and one-sided views." You want the freedom to call Kerry a coward and a pinko (speaking of the fifties!) and Edwards a shyster who unconscionably raises health-care costs, and have us respond with some relativist, post-Modernist "all views are equally valid" pap! Go Cheney yourself.


Um... excuse me (peeking into the room) I think what Laura meant is that they were hiding under the desk because the police were coming to arrest the girls when they were younger. They're 21 now. Legal. And because of georgie's leadership the secret service never allowed the police on the ranch.

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