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August 28, 2004



so bush IS talking about the issues ... in his tiny mind anyway. to him, the issue is how much kerry sucks.

sounds like a high school student government election. jeez.

Kevin Donahue

Yeah, maybe Bush is the devil. I wonder if Bush would steal toys from kids and break them just because he's the president. It's shocking that he's up in the polls and CNN is now projecting him as having the electoral vote margin needed. Maybe everyone else in the country is just plain blind.


What's your point? That poll numbers reflect a man's character? I guess then Bill Clinton is like a God to you. Because his poll numbers and job approval ratings were way better than Bush's.

Hell, if he ran today, he'd still beat Geoge Bush.

No, everyone in the country is not blind, since a lot of people dislike and disapprove of Bush and his presidency. But, if you spend $200 million dollars on negative ads, well, you can mislead a lot of the people. It's something Bush does well.


I briefly watched a few minutes of George W. on the Today Show this a.m. Boy, he is the consummate politician, he really has that "regular guy" act down to a tee. Unfortunately, a great number of the public will decide mainly by appearances and not by his political record.

Did someone mention the devil earlier? No matter what George does or says, it's like some protective force field surrounds him. . . hmmm. .. devil devil...

Peter Novak

Bush is not the devil.

He's the Antichrist.


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