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July 19, 2004




Aren't election years FUN?!


This will not be fun.

This will be horrible.

My guess is the Republican Justice Department, led by the same fanatics who tried to impeach Clinton, will offer Berger a deal if he implicates Clinton.

And there will be all kind of talk and articles and a news orgy of speculation about impending indictments of Clinton and his wife and Gore and whoever, and it will, of course, reach a crescendo right around election time, and then, like the Starr investigation, it'll all turn out to be a bunch of nothing that involves nobody.

But CNN has already gone ballistic over the reports. It took them months to talk about Plame. But within an hour, they're running the Berger story every five minutes.

I don't know what it's about. But what an idiotic asshole Berger is for giving the GOP and the endlessly corrupt Bush administration this gift in July of an election year.

All of the incompetence, and dishonesty, and, frankly, criminal acts of the Bush administration will be brushed under the carpet now that our "liberal" media has another Clinton scandal!

These hacks and GOP shills have been starving for a Clinton scandal--any Clinton scandal.

So here we fucking go again. Pull up your pantlegs. The bullshit is going to get deep and thick.


We can tie both Kerry and Clinton to this criminal, prepare to see your scummiest leaders go down the river.

And remember you supported them because in your heart you are a criminal too.


That's funny! It's stupid. But, at least it's funny.

If I were, in my heart, a criminal, I wouldn't have blown such a gasket at the first reports of Berger's actions, would I?

No, of course not.

But that little leap of logic escaped you, because you, in your heart, are dumb.


Ricky - when are you going to tear me a new one? I may agree with you on most things, but I leave dumb comments all over your blog.

Bring it.


This is bad and the dems need to come out in full strength and condemn it ASAP.


Anna, I'm not going to rip you a new one because I enjoy your comments.

And Rox, I'm right there with you on that sentiment.

Village Idiot

How does someone "inadvertently" stuff highly classified documents down their pants and socks? An innocent "mistake"? Maybe someone blackmailed him into taking the docs. Or maybe he had "good intentions" of helping the Kerry campaign with the documents. He is the national security advisor for Kerry's presidential campaign (just resigned). Won't this make voters think twice about how much Kerry should be trusted with national security issues? Even worse, if Kerry did use these stolen classified documents for his campaign, it could snowball into watergate proportions. Trousergate?
Prediction: No charges for Mr. Berger. Media emphasizes "partisanship" when discussing the issue, sweeps it under the rug in short order.


Gee, willickers, Ricky. You made me blush :)

I call total bullshit on him 'accidentally' removing the docs. Berger knew the rules and violated them. Just when our side is starting to look good to all the neutral outsiders...

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